SmallHexWorld is an optimization game where you place cities, farms, and rivers in a small hex-based world to earn maximum points.

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UPDATE 10/07/2017---------------------------------------

  • Some polish on scores/text in general
  • Water tiles base score is now 5!  Average scores will be a bit higher.

UPDATE 02/07/2017----------------------------------------

  • Lots of eye candy
  • Some small bug fixes

UPDATE 23/06/2017----------------------------------------

  • Animation when farms/cities turn to wasteland
  • Mute button
  • Some minor bug fixes/graphics tweaks

UPDATE 12/06/2017----------------------------------------

  • Little physics animation on new tile creation.

UPDATE 11/06/2017----------------------------------------

  • Graphics update - tiles now look a little bit more like what they're supposed to represent.

UPDATE 05/06/2017----------------------------------------

  • Tiny bit more free time on my hands so I've been tinkering, looking at improving the art but nothing to show yet.  
  • I've changed the leaderboard so that you only see the top score for each unique name.

UPDATE 18/05/2017----------------------------------------

  • Not an update :( just an announcement that RL has gotten a bit hectic, so I won't be able to update this for the next few weeks. After that I plan to put more work into the visual feedback - better graphics, animations etc to make things more intuitive. Next thing after that is adding some alternate game modes I have in mind.

UPDATE 11/05/2017----------------------------------------

  • Restart and Leaderboard buttons.

UPDATE 07/05/2017----------------------------------------

  • Improvements to leaderboard.

UPDATE 07/05/2017----------------------------------------

  • Online leaderboard!
  • New sounds!
  • No farms before you've placed at least 1 water.
  • Some other minor polish tweaks

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