This is a polished version of a game that was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 37 - Click here to rate it there!

The game takes place in one room - a room in a space flight mission control centre.

Your goal is to get your ship to fulfill it's mission by travelling the specified distance. Together with your team of engineers you need to make sure that temperature and oxygen levels remain within safe limits, and that the ship stays on course.

Click to select engineers, and click again to place them at terminals. While a terminal is manned, it's respective system should remain (relatively) under control.
Placing the grey "manager" engineer at a terminal gives you direct control over that system. Use the arrow keys (or A and D) to keep things balanced.

When the control centre runs out of coffee, there's a chance engineers can fall asleep on the job. Make sure there's enough coffee by assigning someone to refill it, and reassign sleeping engineers to their jobs to wake them up. (You may have to do this a few times). Managers do NOT brew coffee!

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